Monday, October 10, 2011

Thankful Down Under - Canadian Style

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday ever! To me, it basically comprises of everything I LOVE – it comes with a long weekend, you get to spend quality time with friends and family (without the stress of commercialism and presents), early day drinking (cause who doesn't like sipping on wine early and waiting for the turkey to cook), it's not religious in nature and of course the ridiculously gluttonous yummy food. Basically, it's a time to be completely thankful and appreciative of everything that you have in your life...What's not to like?

This is the time when I get really homesick and miss everything that I love in Canada - the coming of a new season, the beautiful golden hue of a clear autumn day, the smile of pine, the changing color of maple leaves. I wish I was there with everyone - It makes me sad that Vancouver was almost a lifetime away – certainly it feels like it’s been too long. So, I made sure that I had a phenomenal Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend! I ended up having 8 people over for dinner – I have never cooked that much in my life! The whole prepping/cooking took something like 14 hrs. But I was so proud of how the whole thing came out! I must say, I was quite impressed with myself - if I may say so! Not sure that’s going to happen again (at least I won’t cook everything! Although everyone offered to help, I just wanted to have things exactly the way I wanted it and what I was craving. Anyhow, you guys would have been proud of my impressive effort.

Menu – My piece de resistance:

  • Turkey – I actually brined it for 12 hours with a salt, garlic, fresh herb before I stuffed it (homemade) and cooked it. For 6 hrs! I can not believe how moist and perfectly brown it came out! 3.8 kilos – I was hoping for more left overs but it was devoured!
  • Homemade Stuffing – whole wheat bread, Italian sausages, celery, fresh herbs, apples and cranberry
  • Chili spiced gravy
  • 2 types of potatoes – Scalloped and chive and parsley mash
  • Sautéed cauliflower, beans, carrots with a balsamic, honey soy sauce
  • Glazed carrots with almonds
  • Garlic roasted Squash and Pumpkin
  • Red Wine Apple Crumble with Maple Walnut Ice cream

Things that I’m THANKFUL for:
  • Having friends and family that are truly amazing!
    • My family for being insanely intense, funny, amusing, brilliant, strong and supportive about everything
    • My best friends - despite living in different countries/locations – still managing to be there ALL the time! How impressive are they?!
  • Skype, Facebook, my iPod, net book and all forms of technology to help – although I’m disappointed that we are not in the “Beam me up Scottie” days yet.
  •  Being able to explore options in a different country
  • Having the opportunity to travel and see new places and meet amazing new people
  • My new and growing Brisbane crew - especially Nick, my adopted lil bro that makes me feel I have family here.
  • The Hub & Natsuki - Awesome place to live and an excellent roommate!
  • Being able to start a new tradition and introducing Canadian Thanksgiving
  • Day drinking with awesome company during Thanksgiving and being in bed before midnight
  • Australia’s relatively strong economy & appreciation for recruiters
  • Having the necessary skills and experience that companies seem to want
  • Being healthy & strong (working out to get even stronger to follow...)
  • Caffeine - without which I would not be effective or survive at work
  • Earning money again
  • My grandmother continuing to fight and be relatively healthy
  • Medical technology and it’s ability to help people find cancer (it’d be better if we can finally find a cure though)
  • Having the opportunity to seek personal and professional happiness (still working on this)
I hope everyone had a great Happy Gobble gobble day and had the opportunity to be Thankful for all the wonderful blessings in your life! 

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