Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Round 2 Reunion - Pinas style

  • Happiness is...those wondrous moments when my grandmother recognizes me through the hazy fog of memory loss.
  • If you meet a pop star, you should always get them to sign your boobs.
  • Nothing beats kisses and cuddles from your grandma - specially with Nanay's sense of humor!
  • Pain is too painful to share and Frustration is not being able to do anything or be there for your loved ones but Love is fighting beyond history, baggage and bullshit to come together for all the right reasons.
  • Being part and watching kids grow up is amazing. Love you Bentley, Enzo, Sky, Smile and Jayden.
  • Filipino food makes me fat.
  • I do not enjoy oppressive heat. Give me Vancouver's spring any day.
  • I always thought I just really liked helping people. But I think I also have a slight savior complex.
  • The Cruz/Santos/Lamucho women are truly quite the force to reckon with!
  • Home is not necessarily where your heart is. Sometimes it's where you put your backpack down long enough to breathe.
  • You need to take care of your skin. Just cause I'm Asian doesn't mean I wasn't going to age. Eventually it all does catch up with you. Dammit.
  • Any night that starts with balloons and ends with bottomless margaritas will be crazy. Likewise, shots are equally as dangerous.
  • Complications have its purpose and then you gotta move on and figure out what you really want and deserve.
  • I am FULL ON. Almost always, all the time.
  • Everyone needs an alter ego.
  • People really do come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime...
  • Anything truly powerful like chemistry is necessarily illusive because it's surreal when you feel it.
  • The Fort in Manila is a very fun, expensive microcosm that is the most non-Filipino location in the Philippines. And do NOT buy a condo from Megaworld.
  • Some things are done better the second time around...if you get a second chance - always do something about it.
  • Regret only comes if you haven't learned your lesson yet.
  • 50th wedding anniversaries are both inspiring and slightly depressing.
  • True family friends can never be replaced - Dela Cruzes are simply the best!
  • Everybody has issues...Life is about the choices that you make and the paths you chose. Thankfully, everyday is always a new one. All else fails - try not to drink too much.
  • There is comfort in seeing old-new friends! Thanks Michelle, Jiggy, Carlos, Rachel, Barni, Bernt, Tita Girlie.
  • I only remember things in bits and parts.
  • To not feel too displaced, its important to have your own room somewhere and have best friends. Thanks Matt and Dana!!! xoxoxo
  • I'm inspired by the relationships, connections and friendships that I feel. It's the interweaving moments that makes life amazing.
  • Your past doesn't necessarily exist when all you have is your present and no one knows any better...or different...
  • Birthdays can be the best reunions and celebrations. May you have health, wealth and happiness Bing and Tita Vicky.
  • Everybody needs to experience having every single cell in their body light up like it's on fire.
  • I do NOT deal with emotional vulnerability well.
  • Family should and will always come first.
  • If you have a bad feeling about something, just don't do it. It's almost always better to listen to your gut.
  • I only like shopping after a few drinks - officially a Greenhills tradition now.
  • I want to live life fully, knowing that I've done it bravely. That I've touched people's lives. Survived fierce adventures. That I dared to make major mistakes and feel the triumph of epic success.
  • I will endlessly have the support of everyone I have ever cared about in this world in every single way. I am truly blessed.
These are the priceless moments that I've ironically paid tons to experience!

Me Love You Long Time Asia! And now I'm off to my next continent..
I'm going Down Under!